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The mission of Craving Potato Factory Restaurants is to provide quality and great tasting food, superior customer service, and an overall fun and exciting experience for its customers and employees.
Craving Potato Factory aims to offer a diverse and simple menu with a wide appeal to diverse cultural groups of varied incomes.
The goal of Craving Potato Factory is to provide a fun eating experience that exemplifies quality, value, service, and excellence in all aspects of the operation. This is our company theme at Craving Potato Factory. This is the philosophy we live by. The importance of attention to detail
cannot be overemphasized. It is a way of life. We strive for excellence in everything we do.
The degree of success the operation has depends on our ability to seek excellence. Accept nothing less than perfect. This is a challenging business. It takes people who are vigilant to ensure that the best product is the only product on the table.
We live by the motto -
Because we know mistakes will be made, this Operations Manual was designed to minimize errors. It will help you to ensure quality and efficiency in all aspects of operations.
Our goal at Craving Potato Factory is to do two things: Offer the customer’s quality food/service and make a great profit. If the first task is not done perfectly, the second goal cannot be achieved.
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